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I’m like you in that I’m a reader who likes a quick paced story with good guys who are good (or try to be good) and bad guys who are bad.

Of course, I like cliff hangers and I like stories that have something at risk for each of the main characters.

And I love happy endings.

Not the sappy kind but the ones where the hero goes through a lot of muck to get to his or her goal.

My early love of fiction started with comic books. I remember reading Superman and marveling at all the things he could do. I even once pinned a bath towel around my neck with a clothes pin and climbed a tree to jump out of it, believing the whole time I could fly. I landed on soft grass and moved on over to Batman.

I was six or seven then.

I still read Superman and Batman today. And the comics of today are more sophisticated than they were — but at the heart of each issue was and is an entertaining story.

Stories are what I do.

Stories are the way I think and the way I feel about things. I’m never political or religious in my stories — again I just want to entertain you, dear reader, with a fast and clean story.

I have written a draw full of novels and scripts and I kept writing until I knew I was ready. The story you’re about to read, Family Blood, is about the struggle between vampires and humans and love set in the dark ages in a land of magic, soldiers, vampires. Read the story for the adventure you’ll discover, and I’m sure you’ll love the story for the characters you meet.

Thank you for being my reader.

That means a lot to me.

Pick up your copy of the book, either as an ebook or paperback edition, and sit down and enjoy the story.


Joe Hanzlik

P.S. If you want to get a taste of the story, feel free to click on the link and read the first chapter.

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