Tales from the
Whitestone Chronicles

Family Blood

Family BloodIn a forgotten dark age where magic exists and creatures of the night walk the earth with humans, a stranger, recently arrived to a village, is accused of murder and held in jail. In jail, the stranger Jared meets two cellmates. One of them is Nix, a thief, and the other is Naveen, a wizard.
Brought before the Sword and Shield of the village, Grinbell, the wizard, the three are given an option.
Either rot in jail and die, or go and rescue the children taken by vampires.
So, a stranger, a thief, and a wizard, journey toward Vampire Nation. They haven’t even gotten five miles and already someone is following them from the village, hiding in the bushes and foliage.
It’s not a safe place in a world where alliances break and crumble and a thief and wizard mingle freely and a large piece of territory is called Vampire Nation.
What is the world coming to?
With only each other can they survive the journey from rogue vampires, highwaymen and errant wizards to rescue the children and to bring them back safe and sound or will the king of the vampires stop them and keep them captive?

Our characters:

Jared, a stranger who knows how to fight vampires and isn’t afraid of them.
Nix, a thief who has a great talent in acquiring property that isn’t his.
Naveen, a wizard who is tongue tied and stammers when he gets excited.
Rowena, a distraught mother who searches for her child.
Grinbell, a mighty wizard who has built an alliance that he doesn’t want revealed.